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We started in 2005 with the Rilyc Open Mic Stage and have provided an arts stage to the community for 10 years.  Since 2015, we have decided to continue  our mission by re introducing the Rilyc as an Non Profit Community and Arts Center. Here we will provide various programs to the community.  Our mission is to build tomorrow's leaders thru the arts.  We have always believed that life is poetry. 


In our main program "Rilyc After School Program" we will teach young students how to be confident, how to be a great public speaker, self awareness, team work and much more. Our program will prepare these student to create a grand show for the community.  Some Students will help create the stage, help create the fashion, write their own poetry, perform music and dance till their feet fall off. This will create a sense of belonging to something great, a home away from home. This will take place after school in various venues throughout the community including their own school


We will also provide various programs to the community to help build economical growth. 


As always the Rilyc will continue to provide the community with a community stage to hold open mic shows, monolugues and more!




Linda Vega

Founder & President

Donna Dawson

Vice President

Susan Haberstumpf

Secretary & Treasurer

Tatiana Tooley

Board Member / Public Relations

Saudi Roldan

Board Member / Community


We would like to thank all of our sponsors for their contributions.  Every contribution has helped us in our journey to help create tomorrow's leader thru the arts!

* Blackstone Charitable Foundation 

* Kare Cleaning Service

* - Recording Studio                    

* Jack Nine Films

* Miguel Morales - West 904 Restaurant            

* Guzman Multi Service

* IMF Printing   

* Dj Ivo                                                                      

* Potter's House of Graphics - Orlando, Fl

* Carlos Figueroa AKA CJ 22 - Brooklyn NY 

* Gloria Cirillo            

* Gem Bakes                        

* Tatiana Tooley

* Isa Pereya - La Razon Newspaper & Latino Espectacular Magazine

* Women's Health Auxiliary

* Downtown Fashion

* Fashion Plaza

* Preventive Measures

* Baker's Florist

* Las Palmas Restaurant

* Sharp City Barbershop

* Ink Sanity Tattoo Studio

* Perez Notary

* Luna's Bakery

* Spectra Personnel

* AW Auto Sales

* Latin Sunday 91.7FM

* Nate the Mime

* Mari aka Spanish Fly from Sweet Sensation


To Create Tomorrow's Leaders thru the Arts!

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